Why you should research your flight before booking

Do you remember the first time you flew after organizing an air travel trip from scratch? Remember how you checked even the tiniest detail about your flight, your seat and even had a plan in case of delay or cancellation?


Now that you are an experienced flyer, you’ve most likely lost track of how many times you used the big metal bird to get from one place to another. Even your preparation habits have changed. You rarely check any details about your flight, but here is where you make a big mistake.

If you fail to do your due diligence, you may risk going through a string of unpleasant events. From booking the wrong seat to losing your compensation money in a delay situation there are numerous reasons for researching your flight before paying for the ticket. Here are the most important ones to look for:

Not booking a window seat 

If this is your first time traveling to a new destination, you might want to check how the place looks from above before booking a flight. Many places in the world offer a tremendous view from the sky, which you can best experience from a window seat.

Whether you will fly over a large city or a stunning national park, you should try to book the seat with the best view. Try picking one in front or the back of the plane for better vistas. The ones in the middle may have your vision obstructed by the plane’s wings.

Not checking the latest hand luggage restrictions

Many airlines change their hand luggage restrictions regularly. If you have been flying with the same company for years, you probably don’t bother checking the rules anymore. This bad habit could see you paying an extra fee on your next flight when your hand baggage suddenly becomes inadequate.

Your best choice is to peel your eyes wide-open when booking the ticket. It will only take you a couple of minutes to read the possible changes to the standard rules. In return, you will avoid paying extra fees or seeing your hand luggage being sent to the checked section below the plane.

Not booking early morning flights

Nobody likes mornings, especially when you have to wake up and rush to the airport to board a plane. However, booking flights at the break of dawn may be the smartest decision that you can make when air traveling.

Simply research any route before booking and you will see that the morning alternatives are cheaper and less crowded than at any other hour of the day or night. 

Not knowing your passenger rights

The best bit of research that you can do before booking a flight is checking your passenger rights in regards to your traveling route, the company that you book with and the state that you are leaving from.

Working with experts in this business you can ensure that you will have all the rights to make a claim for compensation in the event of a delay or a flight cancellation.