4 locations to visit if you are a real fan of Game of Thrones ( this five actually exist in real life )

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4 locations to visit if you are a real fan of Game of Thrones ( this five actually exist in real life )

For those who have called their address “under the rock” in recent years, “Game of Thrones” is a fantastic TV series based on the irresistible books by author George RR Martin. Each of these dramatic episodes cost $ 6 million. This is no joke. One reason for this is the impressive production values. It took a lot of money to look this dirty. Another is the remote shooting schedule.

Instead of real dragons and pyramids on cliffs, the show makes use of green screens, but many of your GOT shooting locations are real places to visit with Intrepid. From Icelandic national parks to Moroccan coastal fortifications, Game of Thrones is slowly taking over the world in several ways. Here you can visit your favorite fantasy places in real life.


When it comes time to choose a backdrop for Dorn’s Water Park, Alcazar in Seville, Spain is the obvious choice. The Alcazar is actually the oldest palace still in use in Europe and serves as a rogue part-time residence for the Spanish royal family. Aristocratic Martell would probably find it very comfortable here, surrounded by colonnades, fountains, and lush 14th-century gardens (and no Lannisters in sight). Interestingly, the show’s producers were close to choosing the Alhambra from Granada or the Alhambra from Cordoba, but the Alcazar is hard to beat. Spain also have some of the nicest places to visit as a tourist, of of them been Ibiza. The legendary island of blue water and parties. Yacht Rental Ibiza is actually a great experience there, beacuse you can see all the beauty of the island from the ocean. You should definitely give a chance to this adventure, at least one in life.

Dorn's Water Park, Alcazar in Seville, Spain


When the Romans settled on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia, I like to think that they built their city with the foresight that one day they would serve as a rich backdrop for historical television dramas. Tour operators always talk about how Dubrovnik and Split were “frozen in time,” and in the end, the shattered terracotta aesthetic paid off immensely. Dubrovnik has been the capital of Kings Landing since the first season of GOT. And now Split is joining the party. The Diocletian Palace, Klis Fort and the waterwheel provide views of the current Khaleesi residence, Meereen.


Hollywood has long found Moroccan cinematic enjoyment. Ait Benhaddou’s chunk of kasbah has been photographed so many times that most of the locals are extras. For GOT, the show’s producers couldn’t miss the French-inspired fort port of Essaouira on the country’s blustery west coast. This became Yunkai’s slave city. For the slave city of Astapor (GOT is good for the slave city) they chose Ait Benhaddou. The thing about Ait Benhaddou is that the green screen is almost unnecessary. She already looks like she’s awakened in the age of dragons and heroes and exotic Hollywood blockbusters.

Ait Benhaddou's chunk of kasbah

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland’s windy, rocky cliffs just asked a film crew to film there. And GOT is committed to turning the northern tip of the country into all weather scary areas like Dragonstone, Pyke, Iron Islands, Storm’s End and The Dark Hedges. A place where the characters spend a lot of time in exposure because it’s rainy and gray outside. The views are breathtaking, in its own right (sorry): Downhill Beach (a seven-mile stretch of windy sand), Larrybane (heather-strewn desert beach full of tidal caves), and Ballintoy (an ancient port town).

Northern Ireland's windy, rocky cliffs